Personalised Wooden Rainbow Building Blocks

Personalised Wooden Rainbow Building Blocks

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The personalised Kids rainbow building blocks are the perfect gift for a new born to have on show until they grow.

A brilliantly colourful gift for a newborn or first birthday. You can etch onto each individual arc of the rainbow to make a wonderful gift for a loved one. A chance for the little one to learn and play.

With 5 coloured arches in the set fill out the form and choose what you would like each arch to say on yours. We have gone for a name, DOB, weight, Place of birth and a little welcome message but you can choose what ever you like.

This is suitable for children 12 months and over.

The arches are made from stable wood and is painted with water-based and saliva-proof paints.

H10cm. W17.5cm. D3.5cm.

Rainbow Size:
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